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How to claim for Child Care Rebate

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Getting a Child Care Rebate (CCR) from Centerlink in Australia is not that easy!

Based on my experience, here is my little guide to be successful with centerlink ;):

1) go to centerlink and get your CRN number (You will get only yours. They will give a CRN number to your kids only after accepted your claim)

2) go online and get your password to login (I did at their computer at Centerlink

3) go home, login and start your claim. You need first to claim for Child Care Benefit (no matter how much you earn) and then for Child Care Rebate. You need all your family documents:. passport, visa, children immunisation etc etc

4) submit the claim and wait around 30 days. If centerlink needs more info, they wil send you a letter. Bring all the news documents to centerlink, if required

5) Wait for the result letter. If they accepted your claim, they will give you also your kids CRD numbers

6) Bring the letter to your childcare and they will adjust the fee and tell centerlink when your child is attending childcare

For the moment I just got my little girl CRD number together with her Child Care Benefit letter. By the end of the month I should receive also the CCRebate letter and I hope my older daughter CRD number

If you need help, after you have your personal CRD number, call 136150 around 6.30/7 pm. Even if it isn’t a free number, it is always better than going to centerlink and spend a lot of your time 😉

P. S: Ho scritto questa piccola guida in inglese per una mia amica che ha appena ottenuto il Permanent Visa e si sta “divertendo” per ottenere gli incentivi per l’asilo di suo figlio. Chi ha bisogno di info in italiano, mi scriva pure!



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